Marketing en la Era de Google

Marketing en la Era de Google

Marketing en la Era de Google es el libro que Vanessa Fox estará en el mercado a partir de Mayo del 2010 (Libro en

Como muchos saben, Vanessa Fox se hizo conocida en Google, y fue la persona que estaba a cargo de Google Webmaster Central, la plataforma que trata de ayudar a los webmasters a posicionar mejor sus webs en el conocido buscador. Ahora trabaja en forma independiente como por ejemplo en y también escribe columnas en diferentes blogs como por ejemplo Search Engine Land.

Y aquí la descripción del libro

Search has changed everything. Search has become woven into our everyday lives, and permeates offline as well as online activities.

Every business should have a search strategy. How a business appears online can impact consumer influence as much as if not more than offline advertising like TV commercials. A business’s search strategy can have a dramatic impact on how consumers interact with that business.

But even more importantly, search engine activity provides amazingly useful data about customer behavior, needs, and motivations. Accessing search data is like conducting focus groups with millions of people for free. Search isn’t just for marketers and techies. It can provide valuable insight on business strategy and product strategy.

Companies of all sizes – from startups to global enterprise level corporations, and even businesses without web sites – can benefit from understanding how consumers are searching for them and talking about them online, both as a powerful acquisition channel and a vast repository of market research.

In this non-technical book forexecutives, business owners, marketers, and product managers, search engine strategy guru Vanessa Fox-who created Google’s portal for site owners, Googgle Webmaster Central -explains what every marketer or business owner needs to understand about how search rankings work, how to use search to better understand your customers and attract new ones, how to develop a comprehensive search strategy for your business, and how to build execution of this strategy into the businesses processes. This isn’t another book about paid search for advertisers. This book focuses on organic listings – the unpaid results that receive 86% of searcher clicks.

Written by search engine guru Vanessa Fox, formerly Google’s search engine strategy spokesperson and creator of Google Webmaster Central
Explains from a businessperson’s perspective how to develop a successful search engine strategy
Shows how to use the easily accessible data from search engines to increase qualified traffic, better understand customers, and strengthen customer relationships
Reveals how smaller companies can leverage search engine marketing to achieve parity with larger brands
With this book in hand, every businessperson will have the knowledge and the tools to maximize the potential of search engine marketing to build a brand, draw new prospects, and generate sales.

Y aquí también una de las últimas entrevistas con Vanessa Fox.

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